Got Caulk?

Heere’s a simple guide to choosing the right caulk for your weekend home repair. This is from The Family Handyman (April 2012 p91)

Foreclosure v. Short Sale

Here’s a nice little comparison that can help you distinguish between a foreclosure and a short sale (thanks Tom)

Recessed Lighting

Lately, I ‘ve been seeing a lot of poorly insulated and unsafe recesses lighting. These light fixtures should contain an Underwriters’ Laboratory label containing an “IC” rating if installed in a ceiling containing insulation. The “IC” stands for “Insulation Contact”. Uninformed consumers increase their chances of a fire because of the excessive heat build up […]

Door Confusion

Is your door right handed or left handed? No kidding, there is a difference.

Garage Door Maintenance

Here’s a great article from Family Handyman regarding…   Garage Door Maintenance. The home owners from a few recent inspections in Hinsdale and Downers Grove surely needed this information.

Flashing Deck Ledger Boards

For every 100 decks I inspect 99 of then do NOT have flashing at the ledger board. I admit that ledger board rot is not frequent but the time and cost of installing flashing vs. the time and cost of replacing a damaged ledger is no comparison. Flashing the ledger board is a must. Open […]

How Long Will It last?

Here’s a nice article about how long some systems and components are expected to last as well as some costs. Included is furnace, boiler, water heater (please don’t call it a “Hot” water heater… hot water does not have to be heated for this application), windows, roof, electrical service and air conditioning. Enjoy…  How Long […]

Power Outage? Be prepared…

The Spring weather brings warmer temperatures and sometimes a thunderstorm that leaves us without electrical power. It’s a helpless feeling but there are a few simple things you can do to make the situation less intrusive…   Power Outage? Be Prepared

Noisy Garage Door Fixes

Spring cleaning is in order for the next few weeks. Yard waste, debris on roofs and over-stuffed garages need your attention. Is fixing the noisy garage door on your to-do list? Here’s a few ideas that may help…..   Noisy Garage Door Fixes