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Your home is most likely your biggest investment. Whether the property you’re buying is large or small, one or one hundred years old, we can help you understand the conditions of the property and how they operate. There are many times when a property inspection is applicable. First, home buyers utilize the inspection process to gain knowledge of the existing conditions of the property they intend to purchase. Second, sellers make use of an inspection report to improve their property before the sale or listing. A third opportunity is when homeowners of new properties obtain inspections prior to the final walk-through and at the end of the one-year warranty period.
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Most of PPI’s work is from existing housing. The condition of an existing structure can vary widely and there is no correlation between the age of the property and needed repairs or upgrades. The broad ranges of conditions typically are the result of how well the property was built and how well it has been maintained. With all the variation in housing in New Lenox, Orland Park, and all throughout the area, the possibilities are endless, which strongly justifies contacting us to schedule an inspection.
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Pignotti Property Inspections provides an extensive report (view a sample report) within 24 hours after completing the field work of a home inspection. A preventative maintenance schedule is included with report and there are dozens of helpful suggestions to keep your home operating efficiently.

PPI knows that homeowners don’t always have the opportunity be current with all this advice so we have added a service to do it for you. Careers and family obligations simply don’t allow for it – so we can help.

The Preventative Maintenance Inspection is a separate service which focuses primarily on safety and water related issues. PPI can check for such things as clogged gutters, proper drainage around the property, sources of water and moisture penetration, garage door operation, smoke detector operation, plumbing leaks, gas line leaks, sump pump operation, water heater draft, check furnace filter and test ground fault circuit interrupters, attics for leaks and rodent activity.

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(This service is for preventative maintenance is not a substitute for a complete home inspection)


“New” doesn’t mean quality workmanship nor does it mean that the property has been properly reviewed by any of the local authoritoes. Each year PPI completes more new construction inspections compared to the prior year. The homebuilding process can be very emotional and home-buyers view this type of inspection service as an objective third party review. The cost of housing, particularly new construction, can test anyone’s finances and an inspection is a nominal investment considering how it can help protect your asset.

Warranty Review

Homebuilders typically provide a one-year warranty for new construction. At the end of this warranty period, the homeowner is asked to identify any problems for the contractor to repair in the form of a “punch list.” This is usually the homeowner’s last opportunity to have their concerns addressed without incurring any expenses. Some defects will be obvious but other deficiencies are not as apparent for most homeowners. The expense for a warranty review inspection is often justified even if only one additional deficiency is noted.

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Most properties do not require environmental sampling such as mold or radon inspections. However, environmental laws are changing and PPI is capable of providing these services should the property be suspect of such conditions. Our environmental services include air sampling (mold), water, lead, asbestos and radon testing.


Things don’t always go as planned unfortunately, and Pignotti Property Inspections provides consulting services that address your concerns. The assessment is thorough and the report is well documented by an experienced home inspector. If you’re in the greater Chicago area, Contact PPI to explain your situation and we will discuss how we can assist your needs.


Frequently asked questions

Questions about our Chicago home inspection services? Check out our FAQ section:

Home Inspection: the inspection process begins with a detailed on-site observation of all the systems and components of the property. Home Inspection Chicago refers to this as “fieldwork” and it is performed by an American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) “Certified Inspector” (add link). Our inspectors are also licensed by the State of Illinois. The client is encouraged to be present as our inspectors will teach buyers and provide insight into all deficiencies identified. Systems inspected include living spaces, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces, laundry room, basement, crawlspace, attic, exterior and grounds, roof, garage, electrical panel, water heater, sump pumps, ejectors, furnace or boiler, and air conditioning. 

The fieldwork is followed by providing a compressive report which is issued within 24 hours and oftentimes by the following morning. Reports are compressive, informative, and are a useful tool for reassessing the home. Many photos are included with annotations to explain conditions – (sample report link or sample report pics?). 

Home Inspection Chicago is available for consultation after the report is issued, however, the reports are so comprehensive that we rarely receive post-inspection phone calls.

Thermal imaging is an advanced tool used by Home Inspection Chicago. It allows us to see an object’s heat radiating off itself. These cameras record the temperature of the objects in view, then assign each temperature a shade of a color. The resulting photos help detect water leaks, air infiltration, missing insulation, overheated electrical circuits, insect and rodent activity. Most of our clients chose to include thermal imaging with the inspection once they see the “x-ray like” demonstration.

There are many reasons why testing the air quality in a home is important. The most common reasons are mold, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sick buildings, and flood-related issues. When these issues become apparent during the inspection process Home Inspection Chicago works with a national laboratory to further access and correct the deficiencies.

Radon gas occurs naturally in the ground and it is a known carcinogen. The style or structure of the home has no bearing on the presence of radon. In other words, radon can be present in homes with basements, crawlspaces, slab construction, single-family homes, multi-unit structures, condominiums, and townhouses. Radon gas does not gravitate to any particular style property. Another radon gas misconception is the trending or the location of the gas. One property can have no radon levels and the neighboring home can have the highest radon levels in the state. Radon gas fluctuates greatly from property to property. Home Inspection Chicago has been working with the same radon company for over thirty years and can provide you with timely and accurate reports

Lead in homes is an obvious health hazard and if present is typically in older homes. Lead-based paint was banned by the government in 1978 however there are thousands of homes that contain lead-based paint and it is best to test for lead accordingly. Lead in water is another common heath hazard. Likewise, there are thousands of homes in Chicago that have lead-based water feed lines. Home Inspection Chicago collects samples of affected areas and sends them to a national laboratory for a complete analysis.

Home Inspection Chicago is a paid consultant for legal disputes. Our expert opinion has proven to be valuable to homeowners seeking advice for disputed claims.

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